Unlock your personal and professional potential with Growth Mindset Coaching. Executive Coach, Megan McIlrath will partner with you through a thought-provoking and goal-oriented process that will heighten your emotional intelligence and raise self-awareness to perform at a more effective level.

When you experience challenges in your personal life, you’ll seek counsel from a therapist. But what about issues at work? Who will relate to the impact a fragile economy, or a disheartened team has on your mind? Or who could you turn to when your shoulders are drooping, and your entrepreneurial spirit is waning from stress and the pressure to succeed?

Fear of change is another shackle that could be robbing you of personal development and it’s this fixed mindset that will blind your vision of progress.

An executive coach who has been through the ups and downs – and reemerged again – will relate to challenges in business. Through Megan’s firsthand experience and with professional guidance, you’ll be equipped with the tools to maximise your performance and reach your goals.

The coaching process encourages and develops a growth mindset that thrives on challenge and views failures as an opportunity for growth.

As Eckhart Tolle shares,

“whenever an obstacle rises that seems to block the path forward, in reality the obstacle has an essential function. And that is, it forces me to generate more — either more strength, more energy or more consciousness.”

For this reason, the practice is called Growth Mindset. In collaboration with a leadership coach, you’ll learn how to unpack and release self-limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviours and move forward towards a healthier you, stronger in the belief that you will achieve your goals.