Growth Mindset

Unlock your personal and professional potential with Growth Mindset Coaching. Executive Coach, Megan McIlrath will partner with you through a thought-provoking and goal-oriented process that will heighten your emotional intelligence and raise your self-awareness to perform at a more effective level.

When you experience challenges in your personal life, you’ll seek counsel from a therapist. But what about issues at work? Who will relate to the impact a fragile economy, or a disheartened team has on your mind? Or who could you turn to when your shoulders are drooping, and your entrepreneurial spirit is waning from stress and the pressure to succeed?

Coaching with Megan

Professional development coach

Growth Mindset Coaching is no Mystic Meg practice where we peer into a crystal ball and claim to answer all of life’s questions, but we do know the answer to this one; it’s a fixed mindset.

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Megan will listen intently – often to what isn’t being said. Then together, you’ll discover what habits you reflexively fall back into and the blocks that hamper your progress, all the icky stuff that weighs you down.

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How we can work together

Life’s great!

So great in fact that you’ve signed a new business deal, changed jobs or got promoted. Very exciting but you’re feeling overwhelmed or suffering from imposter syndrome, that feeling that you’ll be caught out for lack of experience.

Life’s not that great!

A good thing has ended and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what direction to go in. A growth mindset coach will help you examine the current situation, guide you through the transition and assist you in putting steps in place to move forward.

You’re stuck!

Or you’re that proverbial hamster on a wheel. You’ve tried it all but without success. Growth mindset coaching sessions will help you uncover self-limiting beliefs, patterns and habits, and help you discover the tools needed to break the repetitive behaviours.

My Story

Meet Megan

Megan McIlrath is an entrepreneur, wife and mom, who is the woman behind the growth mindset coaching practice. Before we dive into what that means, here’s a little inside scoop.

She was born in Johannesburg on the 24th of April; a true Taurean who sees herself as grounded, unafraid of hard work, stubborn as a bull and loyal to a fault.


“You listen and reflect so well”

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the input you have given. I never really considered individual coaching but must admit that it has something that I see adding great value to me. You listen and reflect so well and give great guidance with super challenging reflective questions. You are teaching the old dog a few new tricks.

“I have always felt extremely comfortable”

Megan, I wish to thank you so much for your asylum, support, critic and positive motivation over the last 8 weeks. Your empathy when needed and critic when required have been so well balanced that I have always felt extremely comfortable, especially for someone who believes he can do it himself! Your tools and advice are practical, your insight is personable and if you were a Doctor I would give you 8/10 for bedside manner (10/10 would make you too soft 😉). I have always looked forward to our coaching sessions and I am sure we shall have some more fairly soon.

“Megan is highly recommended”

Megan has an uncanny ability to listen to what and how you speak, and then to identify and isolate what it is that really needs discussing. Even if you haven’t figured that out yourself. What I intended to discuss and what I ended up discussing were two very different things. Kind and caring but not personally invested in your situation, Megan was able to give input and guidance, leading me down a path of consideration and understanding, and towards my own solutions. She helped me to prioritise the most important, and how to practically deal with what isn’t. Megan is highly recommended, and I wish you the same enlightenment that I experienced.

“Megan helped me define my career goals”

Being coached by Megan has had a positive impact on how I handle some of the most challenging aspects of my current life circumstances. I found Megan’s coaching talents and instincts to be spot on throughout our journey working together. Her style is gentle, encouraging and yet eye-opening while also straightforward in calling things as they are. Megan’s work with me helped me define my career goals and helped me set my goals to living a healthier life. Thank you, Megan!”


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