When is a good time to hire
a growth mindset coach?

Life’s great!

So great in fact that you’ve signed a new business deal, changed jobs or got promoted. Very exciting but you’re feeling overwhelmed or suffering from imposter syndrome, that feeling that you’ll be caught out for lack of experience. A growth mindset coach will teach you how to identify performance anxiety and navigate safely towards successful business behaviours.

Life’s not that great!

A good thing has ended and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what direction to go in. A growth mindset coach will help you examine the current situation, guide you through the transition and assist you in putting steps in place to move forward.

You’re stuck!

Or you’re that proverbial hamster on a wheel. You’ve tried it all but without success. Growth mindset coaching sessions will help you uncover self-limiting beliefs, patterns and habits, and help you discover the tools needed to break the repetitive behaviours.

The coaching process starts with a phone call where we discuss what you wish to achieve in coaching, followed by our first session. Based on your location or preference, we’ll meet either in person at Venture Workspace, Constantia Emporium or over zoom. We can also meet at your offices if this is a viable option for us both.


We recommend a minimum of four coaching sessions to really see any benefit. The first is what we like to call a ‘suss out’ where we determine whether we’re the right fit for each other. In the second session, we’ll dig a little deeper and start the hard work. The third normally brings a sense of clarity and way forward. By the fourth session, we usually have gained some good momentum.
The Growth Mindset practice is a safe space where honesty, mutual respect, authenticity, empowering the coachee, and unconditional care for our clients are part of our values. As neuroscience shows us, laughter releases endorphins, stimulates our immune system, increases blood flow to the brain, and reduces stress so let’s laugh together and make some serious progress in the right direction.

I firmly believe that small changes eventually add up to huge results.

I also strongly believe that where you are right now is the right place for you. If you are struggling, it’s a test to see how committed you are to the life you want.

As Daniell Koepke so aptly said,

“you don’t have to solve your whole life overnight. And you don’t have to feel ashamed for being where you are. All you have to focus on is one small thing you can do today to get closer to where you want to be. Slowly and lightly, one step at a time, you can get there”.

This encompasses the coaching journey perfectly. The fact that you are here is a sign that you are ready for change. Give me a call or send me a mail and let’s create your pathway to your greatness.